Making money online/ Diary update

*** I thought I published this post a few days ago!***


Despite not posting, I have been exercising every day. I have the Quick Callanetics videos and have done those every day so far. It’s not been easy, as I’ve not been well the past few days, but after doing the workouts I’ve felt slightly less sore. I cannot wait for this flare to be over. It’s taken me ages to write this because my finger joints are swollen. Hopefully, another night of rest and a full body Deep Heat treatment will do the trick!



As I mentioned in my About Me page, I’m not working at the moment. I now need to find a regular income. It needs to be online or self-employed though because it’s getting increasingly harder to find a company that will allow me to work the hours that I know I can manage.

I’ve been online long enough to know that there is no quick way to make money online.

Make money online

I wish.

I’ve looked into teaching online, but the pay is significantly lower than teaching face to face. Also, judging by the reviews for some of these companies, they don’t treat their teachers very well. I could start my own blog, but it would take a while to gain traction, and I would like something fairly quickly.

So I started looking around for non-teaching roles.

I’ve done surveys for years but have never made a lot of money from them. They target certain demographics and I don’t fit into most of them so I usually make a couple of pounds a week, let it add up, and it pays for some Christmas presents. After a bit of digging, I found this article that explained how to maximise your survey earnings and another article which lists the survey sites.

No more surveys please

I know that I’ll get tired of surveys. I simply don’t find them interesting so I know that it would have to continue to be a supplementary thing.


So I started reading other articles and found this one that lists various ways to make money.

I immediately signed up to Leapforce and What Users Do.

I love them both because you’re helping to improve user experience and I love doing things that are helpful. What Users Do is similar to survey sites, they want certain opinions and I could have potentially made about £100 (I joined up about 3 weeks ago) if I had kids.

I failed the Leapforce test, but will do it again as it does seem like a good way to earn money and it’s interesting! I really enjoyed taking the test.

So about this quick way to make money online… Matched betting. Now before you click off, please just understand this:

If you follow the rules and don’t deviate from them, you will not lose any of your money.

If you have a good chunk of seed money, you’ll be able to start earning very quickly. As I don’t, I have to wait for the cash to clear before I can use it again.

The best way to explain it I think is to watch a video and do it for yourself.

Please note, there is a sign-up fee after the second example. If you want to teach yourself, there is a ton of free information on the Money Saving Expert Forum.

So far I’ve made about £40 this week. I’m going to keep a tally just to see how much I can actually make.




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